The Quest for the ‘Field of Dreams’ game.

Yesterday I got an exciting alert on my phone. “ESPN Reports: ‘Field of Dreams’ game to feature Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds in 2022.” This alert has determined our family vacation next year and has inspired me to publish this blog

I don’t know how we are going to get tickets, but we will be in a corn field in Iowa watching the Cubs and Reds play baseball next summer. My hope is this blog ‘Field of Dreams Game 2 or Bust’ will lead me to the answer, touch the right person(s), and secure us tickets to this game.

Why this game? Well, I think you will need to follow the blog to get a complete understanding. The gist: our family goal is to visit every ballpark in the Major Leagues. Now that the ‘Field of Dreams’ park is a Major League Baseball venue it has been added to our list. One of the only rules we have on our ballpark visits might give a clue about why game 2 is our preferred choice. The rule goes, “We support the home team unless the home team is playing the Cubs or the Reds.”

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