The McCall Family

The McCall family Jimmy, Rebecca and their three daughters Jessica, Lauren, and Katie is an ordinary American family from Cunningham, Tennessee with a goal to visit every Major League Baseball Park.

We started our journey to visit every ballpark on August 24, 2007. We watched the Atlanta Braves defeat the St. Louis Cardinals 7-2 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. Since then we have visited 21 teams’ home ballparks for a total of 22 different parks.

We design our family vacation around which ballpark(s) we are visiting each year. We have experienced many areas of our beautiful country which we probably never would have tackled had it not been for this goal. Our official goal: “To visit every Major League Ballpark as a family unit.”

Now that Major League Baseball has added the ‘Field of Dreams’ ballpark to the schedule it has become our mission to attend a game there too. Once it was announced the Cubs and Reds, two of our family’s favorite teams, would be the two participants in next year’s game Major League Baseball kind of decided next year’s vacation for us.

So, the quest has begun. This blog will document our journey and share stories that lead us to this adventure. We hope you enjoy riding along with us.


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